This is an Activist blog-site that supports the “Never Again” movement owned by the survivors of the Marjory Stone Douglas High School 2018 Valentines’ Day massacre, and is in no way owned, sponsored or endorsed by that movement. You are encouraged to evaluate the views expressed on this site and determine whether or not you wish to express yours. We request that whatever views you express in this initially unmoderated blog, be done with courtesy, respect for others, expletive-free, fact-checked, and supported by verifiable documentation where possible. We recognize that the 2018 Valentines’ Day massacre, is hopefully the last, but not the only horrific incident that has contributed to the ignition of the collective consciousness and anger of our nation. As such, in a very real sense, every well-thinking American must own the “Never Again” movement. And remember, discussion is a necessary precursor to decision and action. This site is committed to the end-goal of action in the best interest of this Nation.


We stand ready to provide any assistance that our young leaders may need in navigating the land-mines that will confront them as they relentlessly pursue their identifiable, measurable goals in the shortest time possible. We are mindful and grateful that they have taken the lead, but conscious that as a Nation, none of us are free, until all are free. United we stand, divided we fall. Therefore, all of us have a vested interest in their success. For their success is ours, and ours is theirs.


Messages will be posted from time to time by the Convener and or by named Guest Contributors. The first paper for study is “Preparing for Battle”, and this is intended to be the base-line springboard for discussion   You are invited to join the conversation and share your researched, informed positions, subject to the already stated guidelines of respect. It is out of the  cauldron of complementary, conflicting and even cathartic views that a navigable path forward will be forged.  These views we expect will be  amplified through traditional and social media, and will prove to be an invaluable resource to organic leadership.


The first is, do not try to advise the President until you can comfortably imagine yourself as the President, and can honestly project what you, as President would do or would want to do, in any given circumstance. An inability to empathize tends to reduce the meaningfulness of advice shared with a listener. It is well-established that we have a President like no other President before him, and I predict, like no other President after him. Don’t think of Obama or Bush when daring to advise Trump. The same is true when advising Obama. Don’t think of Trump or Bush.

The second recommendation is, tailor your advice and recommendation to the current reality, regardless of how distorted it may have become. If giving the President advice on North Korea, don’t pretend that he has not called its leader, “Little Rocket Man”.

The third recommendation is, anticipate and evaluate the predictable back-lash from any move you make. In order to maintain an even keel, a ship or a plane must evenly distribute its load so as to achieve balance. The human body thrives on balance and vertigo is never a pleasant experience. The Harley Davidson motorcycle is one of the most expensive machines to maintain, because it derives its signature rumble in part from intentional imbalance in the engines. Regardless of how dysfunctional you might think Washington is, there are balancing factors that allow it to survive in what some call its dysfunctional state. Whenever you suggest anything that disturbs the equilibrium, there will be an automatic counter-balancing activity that your action will trigger. You must anticipate that activity, and factor its occurrence into your decision making process. It may occasionally mean that your proposed move, though intuitive, may be counter-productive. It is OK to attack the NRA for its perceived complicity in the mayhem in our country. How do you anticipate the NRA to retaliate… for retaliate they will. Special Counsel Robert Swam Mueller III is providing Americans with a live demonstration of strategic effectiveness in addressing what is arguably America’s biggest problem in decades, and perhaps of all time. Just look and learn.